Barker River Trips

Float the Clearwater river

Join their guides and local historians to float where the corps of discovery floated. Join them in their safe, dry rafts as they float the actual segment of the Clearwater river boated by the Corps of Discovery. Class 2 whitewater - safely enjoyed by all ages. The best time for this one day trip is June to October. They pick you up in Lewiston, provide lunch, and return you to Lewiston.A great trip to learn about the Corps of Discovery on the Clearwater River as they start their river journey down the Clearwater, Snake and Columbia.

The Lewis Clark Experience:

Spend 4 days with them and see and experience everything there is about the Corps of Discovery. Do you know how a dugout canoe is constructed? Do you know about Ordway's fishing expedition to the to the Salmon River? Do you know about the home land of the Nez Perce Tribe? Do you know what the Nez Perce thought of the Corps of Discovery? Have you see the route of the Corps of Discovery from the Air? Each night they will have a dinner and seminar. The following day they will explore the topics of the seminar by air, water, and land. All inclusive package (meals, lodging, books, ground, air and water transportation. guides and lecturers). Call for a complete in detail schedule of all activities and a vita of their historians.

The Lower Salmon River

The lower Salmon River gorge offers a variety of experiences for the float boater. From Hammer Creek to its confluence with the Snake River (53 miles) the river falls an average of 10 feet per mile. It is a pool and drop river, offering stretches of quiet water punctuated with the roar of whitewater rapids. The canyon terrain is as varied as the river itself. The river flows through four distinct canyons: Green, Cougar, Snowhole, and Blue Canyons. In these canyons, the walls are precipitous and rocky, and the river is narrow and fast. Between the canyons the river is broader and slower, and the terrain is more open with rolling grassy slopes and rock outcroppings. There is evidence of human presence, including occasional roads and ranches. The Salmon from Hammer Creek to its confluence with the Snake has been introduced in Congress for inclusion in the National Wild and Scenic River system. On this stretch of river are 21 class III rapids and two class IV rapids. This is a lot of whitewater for the miles covered. Some of the best rapids are: Demon's Drop, Wright-Way Drop, Pine Bar, Lorna's Lulu, Half & Half, The Gobbler, Oh! ----!, China, Snow Hole, The Slide, Zig-Zag, Checker Board, Sluice Box, and the Eye of the Needle.