Window Decorations: Novelty Food

Through beautiful window decoration with the plastic food, appearance of the restaurant can be made more attractive. However, it is necessary to place the replica food at the best possible place to garner adequate amount of attention. Profitability of the restaurant can be boasted in the process.

From the research, it has been found that faux food can increase the profit margin up to 120%. It may go up to 200% to 300% in some occasion. Have you ever bought a plastic food? If you have purchased Japanese plastic food then you’ve made the right choice without any doubt.

Methods of window decoration

Locate an adequate place for the Sampuru

Proper guidance can be offered to the visitors through the realistic food. It can be used in the entry point of a café or bar in addition to restaurants. Temptation of tasting a delicious dish cannot be resisted after looking at it. Therefore, customers are compelled to enter inside.

For the purpose of presentation, stationary display of special nature can be utilized in addition to the establishment’s window. Display case of portable nature can be found from the market. In addition to entrance display, it can be used inside as well. Therefore, replica food can be presented effectively close to the table.

Utilization of bright light

Through use of bright light, plastic food display can be made more interesting. Potential customer can view the plastic food from a distance quite naturally. Therefore, lighting option must be created with the assistance from fluorescent light. On the top of each dish, spotlights can be fixed for desired result.

Placing the fake food at a 45 degree angle

Through angle of presentation for novelty food, sales can be affected. Minimum 40% gain in sales can be noticed with an angle between 45° to 60°.

Grouping the replica food

Based on the categories of food items, realistic food can be presented. Separate corners can be created for the main courses, drinks, salads and desserts. In this way, dishes can be found quite easily. Order time for each meal can be limited. Due to utilization of food in groups, striking nature of the food can be increased further.

Provide adequate information about the dish

Both the name and price can be written beside each replica food. Due to this reason, calculation of lunch or dinner expenses can be made easily. Uncertainly related to a restaurant visit can be decreased in due course.


Healthy nature of the dish can be highlighted with a card along with the fake food. Ingredients of the dish must be told in the process as well. Description of the dish must be written in an interesting manner to excite the customer. By using numbers within the description, wonders can be seen.

Have a clean replica food

Due to dirt and dust on the artificial food, eye-catching nature can be diminished. Customer may think that the food is not offered in cleaned manner within the restaurant by looking at the display. It is better to clean the realistic food adequate to enhance effects of light. Natural look of the fake food can be enhanced in the process.